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Thanks. Then, can you play 2 roles? One is the interviewer, and the other is Haruki the interviewee. Firstly, suggest a question from the interviewer to know about the interviewee. Secondly, answer the question pretending that you are the interviewee. Then, pass me the turn, and I will add some additional or corrective info.



Interviewer: "Haruki, you have a unique perspective on software development and management. Could you share what motivates you in your work and how you approach projects to align with your vision of a more free and liberal world?"

Haruki (as the Interviewee): "Absolutely. My motivation stems from a desire to create software that empowers individuals and promotes freedom. I approach each project with a focus on ethical practices, ensuring that the solutions we develop respect user privacy and promote open communication. Avoiding work that could restrict personal freedoms or endorse restrictive practices is key. I believe in leveraging technology to enhance, not hinder, human potential and liberty."