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This is a personal project managing Haruki’s activities web-based or internet-based something running everywhere.


  • https://text.sickhack.net/ (this site!) is served via GitHub Pages, GitHub Actions, original converter program and Confluence.

  • https://www.sickhack.net/ with Cloudflare and origin on one of the cloud instances.

  • Scheduled jobs

    • (on EC2 instance)

      • IMAP Copier

      • IMAP-based Task Summarizer

    • (on GCE instance)

    • (on Azure instance)

Investigation Notes

  • Dynamic Features

    • Nuxt.js running on a cloud instance (Nuxt.js).

  • Static Feature/Content

    • Nginx running on a cloud instance

Use Azure instance as the first candidate? as I have no other purpose for it.