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このページは、佐藤春旗が からで予定している休暇についてのアナウンスページです。

This is a public announcement of Haruki’s vacation from , to .

とりあえず何か言いたくてショートカットしたい場合は → If you want a cheatsheet to tell Haruki something, go → TL;DR Ideas for Vacation 2024 !!!

またはいきなりフォーム 📋https://forms.gle/FVJLUiEfN9QZQLC78 へどうぞ!
Or you may just open 📋https://forms.gle/FVJLUiEfN9QZQLC78 the form!




この度、私 Haruki Satoは現職の長期休暇制度やたまった有給などを組み合わせて、 から の間、休暇をいただきます。



まだ詳細計画中で、 Notes - Vacation Activity Planning 2024 などで整理中ですが、よろしければ皆さんのご意見も聞かせていただければと思っています。

TL;DR Ideas for Vacation 2024 をみていただいたり、またはいきなりフォーム 📋https://forms.gle/FVJLUiEfN9QZQLC78 へどうぞ!


Hi All!

I, Haruki Sato, will be taking some time off from , to , using a combination of my long-term leave benefits and the paid time off I've accumulated at my current job.

I've worked over five years at my previous job and over ten years at my current one. Although I did have about three months of free time combined with job hunting when I switched jobs, it's been a while since I've taken a proper break just for the sake of taking a break.

During this time off, I'm looking forward to learning and training for myself, meeting up and chatting with various people, and trying my hand at creating different things.

I'm still hammering out the details and organizing things in Notes - Vacation Activity Planning 2024, but I'd love to hear what you all think if you're willing to share.

Check TL;DR Ideas for Vacation 2024 out, or if you're feeling just OK, jump straight to the form 📋https://forms.gle/FVJLUiEfN9QZQLC78 !